4 Facebook Ad Types Guaranteed To Increase Website Traffic And Make More Sales

by Sam Shaw

4 Facebook Ad Types Guaranteed To Increase Website Traffic And Make More Sales

Facebook ads remain one of the most important components of any social media marketing strategy. No doubt you definitely need to understand these Facebook ad types to expand your eCommerce business. 

If you are a business owner looking to use paid ads to increase your sales, you’re in the right place!

This article breaks down the best Facebook ad types, including ad objectives and ad formats, and how you can leverage each one to your advantage.

Facebook Ad Platform

Why is it important to distinguish the two Facebook ad types – Facebook Ad format and Facebook Ad Objectives?

The Facebook ad format is simply the creative presentation of your ad on Facebook. Facebook ad objectives, on the other hand, are the specific stages in the sales funnel you’re targeting.

The Facebook Ad platform is structured to serve ads at vital micro-moments in the buying cycle. Thus, choosing the right objective and format is critical to your business’ success.

Facebook Ad Objectives

When creating ads in Ads Manager, selecting your ad objectives is the first choice you make.

Objectives make it easier to define your ad’s goals may it be campaigns or individual ads.

      • Awareness – This objective is used when you want to spark an interest in your product or service. It is perfect for telling people your brand story, what makes your brand valuable.

        This allows you to connect with new potential customers.

      • Consideration – While awareness objective is intended to hit the top of the sales funnel, this ad objective
        targets the top-middle of the sales funnel.

        This Facebook ad type encourages consumers to learn about your business and inquire for more details.

      • Conversion – To convert users into customers is the overall focus of this objective.

        It stimulates consumers interested in your company to purchase your product or use your service.

Facebook Ad Formats

With the different Facebook ad types that reach your audience on several platforms, there’s a Facebook ad format that suits your ad goals. You can use video, photos, or words—or a mix of these elements.

The ad formats you may use depend on your advertising goal. They also differ in aspect ratios depending on the placement you choose.

      • Image Ads – You can use image ads to communicate who you are and what you do. They are a clear, clean format for displaying convincing imagery through quality photos or illustrations.

        The use of compelling, high-quality images drive more traffic to destination websites or applications.

      • Video Ads – You can use video to showcase your product, service, or brand through motion and sound to grab people’s attention and highlight unique features of a product or your brand story.

        Highlighting your product features with the use of sound and motion engage your audience and increase your conversion.

      • Carousel Ads – Carousel ads allow you to display up to ten unique images or videos in a single ad, with each one having the ability to be linked to different landing pages.

        With up to ten unique images or videos, you can showcase various items, present multiple photos of the same product, display a single long picture that people can swipe through or share a brand story that builds up with every slot.

      • Collection Ads – Through this ad format,  people can discover, shop, and purchase what you have to offer. This gives you flexible options to display your products in a variety of ways.

        You can showcase products from your personalized products catalog. These flexible options of presenting your products entice people to shop more.


You can better understand what happens at every stage of the campaign by testing your ads and reviewing the performance.

It is much easier to determine which Facebook ad type is best for each campaign when you have an effective marketing strategy, optimized ads, and a carefully identified customer base.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Sam Shaw is the co-founder of The Alchemy Collaborative. He founded this company to help ecommerce and digital business owners focus on what they love and remove themselves

from the day to day tasks. He helps scale 6 & 7 figure ecommerce and digital businesses

using his marketing systems.

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