2 Easy Facebook Ad Placement Optimization Tips To Increase Your Conversions

by Sam Shaw

2 Easy Facebook Ad Placement Optimization Tips To Increase Your Conversions

When it’s all about ads in social media, Facebook ad placements have done an incredible job at expanding the locations where your ads are shown.

You’ll want to identify which placements are producing the best results – helping you reach as many audiences, bringing in the most clicks, conversions, and at what cost.

This article will go into the different ad placements on Facebook as well as the top two ways you should not overlook to make the best of your Facebook ad campaigns.

When you create a new Facebook ad, you’d easily notice that your ads are set to the default recommended setting “Automatic Placements.”

You may want to know why Facebook recommends automatic placements here but is it the best for the advertising needs of your e-commerce business?

Clearly, it’s the simplest and easiest choice but understanding more on Facebook Ad Placements will assist you in conceptualizing more effective marketing strategies, and making smarter choices as you grow forward with your company.

Device Types

When choosing your ad placement, you are given three options: All devices, Mobile Only, and Desktop Only.

According to Facebook research, ads on mobile and desktop may have slightly different impacts but if you want to figure out where you reach your best CPA, then you can divide your audience into mobile and desktop audiences and test your ads.

Facebook Ad Placement Platforms

Facebook ad placements specify places on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network where your ads appear.

Ads that run across multiple channels can be more memorable and effective.

Different image and video specifications apply to different placements. You’ll find a variety of placement options under each platform.

    • Stories – Users see your fullscreen vertical ad displayed in their Stories.
    • Feeds – People who are scrolling through their inbox, laptop, or smartphone feeds can see your ad.
    • In-stream – In this placement, in-stream videos are shown before, during, or after videos.
    • Search – Your ads can be viewed next to Facebook and Marketplace search results that are significant to your product/service.
    • Messages – People who have already been interacting with you in Messenger can see your ads as messages.
    • Article – Inside the Facebook mobile app, your ads are placed in Instant Articles.
    • Apps – When you select this placement, your ads are shown in third-party applications. 

Ad placement platforms and devices both affect the ad format your ad can take on,
the ad objective you choose when creating your campaign, the amount of text you can have on your ad, and even ad cost.

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2 Simple Ways to Optimize Facebook Ad Placements:

    • Ad Testing-focused

      Like all other successful marketing campaigns and strategies, it’s always best to test your well-thought-of ad ideas to see if the results align with your goals or not.

      Simply decide on the duration when you’d like to run your ads to a specific audience. After enough data has been processed, you can review the results in the ads manager.

      This will help you identify which ads performed well at low costs and which ones you might need to pause and improve on.


    • Objective-focused

      When you already have an idea of where to place your ads, ALWAYS make sure that the placements you are thinking of match your ad objectives.

      Examine your ad and identify the goal you want it to achieve for your company.

      Below are some goals and their best placement location.


      • BRAND AWARENESS – since it’s about making your brand known, any placement is good. Just remember that frequency is key.

        You can raise the frequency of your ads throughout the different channels by having relatively small audiences with a large daily budget.

      • REACH – Don’t hesitate to as many placements as you want. The important thing to concentrate here on is your frequency capping. 

        You’d want to advertise to more people this time so you don’t want to spend too much on chasing the same customers.


      • TRAFFIC – all placements are good as long as you keep an eye on your ad performance and optimize placement depending on the content.

      • LEAD GENERATION – any placement is good but News Feeds deliver the best cost per lead.


      • CONVERSIONS – Except Audience Network, all placements produce good results and CPAs too especially on Instagram.

If you target objectives like ENGAGEMENT, CATALOG SALES, or STORE TRAFFIC, you can just choose automatic placements for them but always keep a close eye on your data and keep optimizing over time. 


To succeed in e-commerce, you must be consistent and specific with your CPAs and in analyzing your results.

When required, disable or modify costly placements as they appear, separate them and bid accordingly.

Facebook ad placements may seem challenging at first, but once you’ve grasped the process, they’re simple to master and you can be more creative with your marketing techniques.

If you are interested to learn more about the ad campaigns you are running on Facebook, how to leverage your current customer base and attract new qualified leads for your growing business, we’d be glad to give you a free marketing needs assessment here.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re more than ready for them!

Sam Shaw is the co-founder of The Alchemy Collaborative. He founded this company to help ecommerce and digital business owners focus on what they love and remove themselves

from the day to day tasks. He helps scale 6 & 7 figure ecommerce and digital businesses

using his marketing systems.

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